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What is Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA)?

QRA is normally used during a consultation. QRA is an advanced system of kinesiology using medically recognised acupressure points. It combines aspects of traditional Chinese therapy with the latest findings in bio-energetic therapy to help gain insight into what the body may need to support healing.

During a QRA session the key acupressure points on the body are tested to determine a weak or strong bio-energetic response. QRA helps identify organs, glands and body systems that are energetically weak, and can discover hidden barriers to healing such as infections, parasites and toxicity. A component of QRA is to be able to assess the energetic strength of nutrients/supplements/foods specific to a person. Advanced QRA techniques allow the clearing of both emotional blocks and physical traumas that may be preventing a person from achieving optimal health.

QRA can be used to assess product bio-compatibility (which specific nutrients/supplements are beneficial for YOU), food sensitivities, immune stressors, emotional blocks, and physical trauma.